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Purchase a Florida Liquor License

There are several types of liquor licenses available in Florida, depending on your category of business. Each alcohol license has a set of annual fees and requirements associated with it. There are two major categories brokers.

  • Package Sales License (PS) - typically be for grocery stores, liquor stores, and convenience stores. 

  • Consumption on or off premise (COP) - generally for bars and restaurants.

If you are looking to purchase a Liquor License, please call us at 386-677-6475 or submit your contact information in the form below.

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Additional Services

1APS License

This is one of the most basic and standard licenses available. A 1APS allows a store to sell beer. It only applies to packaged beer, so businesses will be unable to sell for on-premise consumption.

2APS License

These Licenses are typically for grocery stores, convenience stores, and other retail stores. It allows a business to sell packaged wine and beer. Only valid for off-premise consumption.

3PS License

Owning a 3PS license allows a business to sell all types of spirits, wine, and beer.

A 3PS license is strictly off-premise consumption.

1COP License

This license allows for the sale of beer for consumption on-premise, as well as off-premise consumption. Customers can drink on-site. You will not be able to serve wine or spirits.

2COP License

A 2COP includes wine and beer to your bar or restaurant. Your customers can purchase and consume both beer and wine for on-premise and off-premise consumption.

4COP License

4COP licenses allow a bars or restaurants the ability to serve a complete menu of spirits, mixed drinks, wine, and beer.

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